Chaos and change… in the bus!


I just saw a quote that says, “All great changes are preceded by chaos,” which seems an appropriate way to start off a post about the bus progress.  It seems there is constant chaos right now in the bus, with boxes of screws in various places, random pieces of boards, extension cords, wiring tools, empty boxes and baggies that haven’t found their way to the trash can yet.  Added to the chaos of construction detritus are items brought in by two young girls – there is a table in the back with watercolors and beads, and as soon as a shelf is made, it becomes a bunk bed for dolls or stuffies.  The futon is constantly employed as a trampoline, or slide, or small house for all the babies.  Worlds of imagination created out of the ordinary mess of life and out of the chaos there is an emerging order, at least at times we see evidence of it.

Here are some photos of the various projects ongoing in the bus:

The electrical wiring is coming along, we put up the wooden boards and shelves that hide the wire and hold the outlet boxes:

IMG_6752 IMG_6758 IMG_7475


We put in the stove and refrigerator!  Hooray!  The stove is propane and the fridge is propane or AC-powered, both from Unique.


Once we got the fridge in, we were able to start building the pantry and the shelves that will be in the girl’s room at the back of the bus.  Here is the framing:



And the shelves start going in!




As soon as the shelves were put in, they instantly became bunk beds for the girls’ favorite bears.


Now I am working on prepping the boards that will enclose the pantry, and the shelving for the girls room.  With the lengthening days and warmer weather, I feel such a rush of momentum to be outside working, and it helps that the girls can play and help while I’m putting things together.  I love to see Maddie feel ownership and excitement over the bus project – she is involved, she knows what’s going on, and she gets very excited to show others what we’ve been working on.  Perhaps Juniper feels all that, too, but it’s hard to tell – one thing I do know is that she really loves to bounce around and play in there!



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