The excitement of a pantry

I am this close to finishing the pantry – and to date it’s the thing I’m most excited about completing in the bus.  Maybe it’s because the wood is so beautiful (it’s juniper from eastern Oregon), and it smells great too, or maybe it’s because the tricky vision I had for the door configuration ACTUALLY WORKED and it doesn’t look super janky, or maybe it’s because the kitchen is the center of the house and I spend a lot of time in there so I’m excited to have something done in that arena.  It’s probably a combination of all that. It’s also exciting because it’s got that “finished” look.  Wiring outlets is very important and all, and I’m getting SUPER close to having that done as well, but it’s not something that you SEE much of (I’ve done my best to hide the wiring and make the outlet boxes semi-subtle!), so perhaps that is why it’s less of a thrill.  Anyway, without further ado, here are some photos of the pantry:


Why the crazy doors?  Well, the juniper wood is pretty heavy, so I didn’t want to have a massively heavy door – when I thought about a Dutch door it also occurred to me how much the girls would love to have a little door just their size to play house with.  They are both thrilled.  And the hinged section is just so that the door takes up less space when you swing it open, since it’s in a tiny kitchen and it’s going to be very tight quarters as it is!  The final touch: driftwood handles!

I stopped wiring a while ago when I was halfway done because I ran out of wire.  Silly, isn’t it?  I finally bought more and now the wiring is almost done.  To complete the wiring I also had to get the wood shelf and outlet boxes up on the wall above the windows (which hides the wires), and this took me a little while.  The big chunk of black oak that you can see sticking out further than the other shelf will be a kitchen shelf, and will sit above a deep counter.  Right now it’s a major safety hazard, as you could just walk face-first into it, so it’s blocked by a table at present.



The girls room is almost totally separated from the rest of the bus – just needs a door!  Woo hoo!


And just because no post is complete without the girls, here they are using bits and pieces of wood and boxes of screws, etc, to make their own tiny playhouse.


~written by Kristin

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