In this high place


Snow lake.

I wanted to share the following poem by David Whyte because it so beautifully captures what I experienced at this snow lake in the Trinity Alps (see previous post). The sense of wonder that I was trying to convey, I am beginning to realize, came from a place of non-questioning. I simply existed and went about my tasks of setting up tent, starting fire, warming feet and the like, without questing, analyzing or judging my actions. It was simple and easy because there was no second-guessing and it was full of wonder. Not elation nor ecstatic joy, but deep felt belonging and satisfaction. Thank you David Whyte for your brilliant poetry!


“Tilicho Lake” by David Whyte


In this high place

it is as simple as this,

Leave everything you know behind.


Step toward the cold surface,

say the old prayer of rough love

and open both arms.


Those who come with empty hands

will stare into the lake astonished,

there, in the cold light

reflecting pure snow,


the true shape of your own face.


Posted by David LaFever


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