The light at the end of tunnel…

We are getting closer and closer to finishing the bus!  The kitchen is close to completion, missing a few essentials, like plumbing and a propane connection!  Coming soon…


The other project I’ve been working on is the girls’ beds – we thought about bunk beds for awhile, but decided it would make their room feel even smaller than it is, and block too much light.  So, instead of that we are going with a trundle bed, but with built-in drawers beneath each bed.  Here are a few pictures of the frames with one of the drawers.  Still have one last drawer to make and install, and drawer fronts to put on, but this is where we are now.


The bus progress is coming along, and after a couple years of this project going on, we have a real deadline – we put our house on the market to sell, and it’s currently in escrow.  Unless something comes up to change the deal, we’ll be moving out of our house by May 15th!  IMG_2462


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