A Love Letter to Life

Hello Friends and Family,

My heart is heavy today, filled with anxiety, worry, sorrow and the flutterings of other uncertainties. Living in Washington, although not in Seattle, we seem to be one of the coronavirus front lines in the U.S. There is plenty of exchange between our little valley and Seattle, however, which is a connection that we cannot deny or be too casual about these days. Today the Governor of Washington closed all schools until the end of April at the earliest. As people here dashed to stores to “prepare”, whatever that might mean, I stayed at home and tried to give my kids some semblance of a decent day. Feeling fear rising and falling in my body and mind, try to respond to their needs and not to the anxiety I was feeling nearly all day long today. I am reminded of the importance of being mindful, returning to the present, and the need to stay connected. For me it means connected with my body, connected with my loved ones and community, and with the natural world. These are the sources of well-being and ease, even if there is the possibility of connection bringing with it a shadowy side. We ARE connected whether or not we choose to believe it. This virus is surely showing us that. 

It is said that you don’t choose your family and yet tonight as I was rubbing my daughter’s head in the darkness of bedtime, I realized that we CAN choose our family. We can choose them each and every morning when we arise. We can choose them each and every night when we bid them goodnight. Yes it is true that we do not choose the cards we are dealt in life and this virus is not something we are choosing either. So what do we do given this reality? 

Do we choose to ignore? Do we choose to isolate? Do we choose to resent? Do we choose to let fear and anxiety drive us mad?

The poems that I am sharing through my blog say something about this. The first one is by Lynn Unger and was shared with me by a friend today. The timing was perfect and I will carry its message in my heart throughout the coming days, I hope. The second poem is one I wrote last night which speaks a little to greeting our shadowy side. 

Light and darkness, shadows and sunshine are all always intermingling in this thing I can life, this shadow I call me, this sunshine I call you. 
Please stay connected with one another, reach out your hearts even if you cannot reach out your hands. And don’t forget to wake up each day and choose to greet whatever comes with as much love and compassion as you can. I hope to do the same.

Most sincerely,

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