Beautiful Questions

What is the right way to live?
A big question right off the bat.
Anyone, absolutely anyone who says
the right way to live is....
Can't be believed, shouldn't be.
Just walk away from them, at an angle.
This question is unanswerable
leastwise in words and concepts,
the boxes and drawers of language.

But, and this is a big but, it must be lived
breath by breath, step by step
and strangely, word by word.
We must speak, but not speak of it
speaking around edges, the terra incognita
of what it means to be human, living right here, right now.
So we talk and we laugh, we cry and we howl,
and all the other utterances a human can make.
In whatever language, we understand deeply,
not by the ear but rather through the heart.

"And yet, and yet....," Issa said.
A world of utterances is a world, not of answers
as is falsely assumed but one of questions.
The trick then is to ask more beautiful questions.
So here we go --

Why is water wet?
Why are my tears salty?
Where does wind come from,
                    and where does it go?
What does it mean to be human?
What is it?

What is the right way to live,
and what is the right way to die?

by David LaFever

Where else could I be?

sagebrush buttercups
Slow down and just breathe
take a breath, in and out
then take another breath
in and out.

Calming, connecting, timeless
and right, right now.

Slow down and just bow
bow deep and low
to the mountain, the river
to the person in front of you.

Gratifying, grateful, humble
and right, right now.

Slow down and just notice
wonder, joyful and freely
about the buttercup right at your feet
and the clouds way up in the sky.

Compassionate, kind, beautiful
and right, right now.

Slow down and just feel
the body sitting here, still
the mind moving and swaying
like a fluttering aspen leaf.

Feelings, perceptions, sensations
right here, right now.

Where else could I be?

By David LaFever