Daydream Believer

Juniper feeding our Dexter cow, Babe.

Sometimes I am so far into a dream that I can’t tell that I am dreaming. Does that ever happen to you? Lately I realized that Kristin and I are deep into a dream, so deep that we have to stop ourselves and force lucid dreaming, otherwise we can’t recognize where we are.

The boys, “Ham” and “Bacon.” Seriously, this is what the girls named them.

Sometimes I can’t tell where dreams end and where “reality”, whatever that is, begins. Am I dream walking through the waking world or wake-walking through a dream world? And what difference is there really?

And sometimes, most times perhaps, it is impossible to tell where a dream really begins. Now I am talking about our so-called waking dreams, the intentions or foci of our lives, because our life these days is one such dream. We now have chickens, turkeys, rabbits, sheep, pigs, and cows.

What are we doing and where did this come from? When did each of us first want to be a farmer?

Our sheep, “Cookie”, “And” “Cream”, and their mobile A-frame.

I posed this question to Kristin recently and she said that she has wanted to be a farmer or a rancher since she was a child, living at that time in either New Mexico or eastern Montana. Makes sense. For me, I can’t really remember but it probably goes back several generations to when my Great-Grandfather, Benson LaFever, farmed the rocky hillsides of Delaware County, New York. Someone in our family has to farm and carry on, right?

What I do remember is being in graduate school with Kristin (studying Wildlife Science) and a seed being planted by a local organic farmer (Farmer Brad) and his young family that inspired me greatly, as well as Michael Pollan’s book “The Omnivore’s Dilemma.”

We were in graduate school 15 years ago or so and here we are realizing the dream of “The Old Home Place,” which is what we called our farmstead back then. It doesn’t have a new name yet and that one doesn’t seem to fit anymore, but the dream certainly does.

One of our “bunny tractors” (a mobile bunny hutch) with Juniper looking on.

I hope to provide regular updates and more descriptions of what we are doing. For now, I apologize for not getting the word out sooner about our incursion into farming but then again, we may be too busy these days living the dream (too exhausted more like) to spend time on the computer!

David and Kristin LaFever

Relax Completely

Sitting still
in a forest meadow
surrounded by fir and pine

Blowing wind
heard in the tree tops, first
then felt on the skin of my neck and face

Where does it come from?
Where is it going?

My dog lifts her nose sniffing intently
I do the same with a small, feeble nose
Catching nothing, understanding very little

A thousand yellow heads
Arnica nodding in rhythm 
with the wind as it passes through

Passing through what?
Passing through where?

The wind suddenly stops
bird song can be heard again
I lift my ear to the sound, listening

Intent on identification
looking for subtleties in 
rhythm, tone, inflection, pitch

Was that a vireo? 
Oh, a nuthatch but which one?

As sudden as it stopped
the wind returns, noisily
obscuring bird song and discernment

A thousand yellow heads nod
in unison, in rhythm with the wind
seeming to agree with what the wind says

Let go and relax completely.
You don't need to know everything.

by David LaFever