School Bus Renovation

Where to begin. Really how can anyone put a finger on the exact moment when a journey begins? Does it begin the moment the idea is let loose in our brain or the first step we take? It has been said that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step but I gotta admit that I think each step is the journey of a thousand miles with no beginning and no end, just one big fractal world. Patterns repeating over and over again. Neither conception nor death can stop it.

Answers or no answers we own a rather large school bus and here in these pages we will share our journey with you. We don’t know when this all began and we don’t know where it will take us but we know we are on it. And as that inimitable rock band the Grateful Dead once sang, “the bus came by and I got on and that’s when it all began.” Our purchase of the bus is definitely rooted in our search for simplicity and the desire to live more fully by digging deeper into ourselves, our relationships and what is truly meaningful in this crazy, messy world.

So I guess our journey starts here, on these pages and what better way to begin than by stepping aboard a school bus which is made for traveling and transporting one’s hopes and dreams along the way.